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Refund Policy

All sales of service are final and there will be no refund or exchange permitted. Please be advised that the customer is responsible for the recharge for and all charges that result from those purchases. Efillbill Communication India Private Limited is not responsible for any purchase of recharge for an incorrect account number.

However, in a case where a transaction has been completed by the customer on the site and money has been charged to his card or bank account but a service has not delivered within 24 hours of his completion of the transaction then he may inform us by sending an email to Support@fillbill.in or posting us a complaint message on Whatsapp in this helpline no. +917355800558.
In such a scenario he will be entitled to a full refund. We request the customer to include in the email the following details - Recharge value, Transaction date and Order Number. We shall investigate the incident and if it is found that money was indeed charged to his card or bank account without delivery of service then he will be refunded the money within 7 working days from the date of the receipt of his email.